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A Muffin by Any Other Name

Submitted By: Robert Anderson

In '52 or '53 we got a fine young seaman from Sub School named Norman Krapp. After his tour of mess cooking, he decided to strike as a cook and became a very good one. One day he was baking blueberry muffins and opened a large can as required in the recipe. The recipe also called for some water in the batter. Norman looked at the juice left in the can and added that in as part of the water. When the muffins came out of the oven, one of the enginemen was drawing a cup of coffee and saw the results of the baking. They could best be described as "gun-metal blue." Thinking that they looked like something out of an engine crankcase, he said, "Oh, sludge muffins." And the name stuck. They were very good and "sludge muffins" became popular with all hands.


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