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Submitted By: Robert Anderson

I'm really amazed that no one has mentioned Sprague QM3 (or 2?) (SS) who was the craziest of our Dogfish shipmates in '52 - '54. I could tell a good half dozen stories about him. This one will have to do for now:

Sprague had the watch one night when we were running on the surface. He got someone to relieve him when he went to the crew's mess for a cup of coffee, but of course no one in the mess knew this. Just as he was drawing the coffee, the diving alarm sounded.

Sprague: "I hope someone gets the hatch."

30 seconds later: "I better go check." (He goes forward)

30 seconds later Sprague comes running aft from the control room yelling, "Lookout! Here comes the water!"

The guys in the crew's mess knew what a joker he was, but weren't sure if this was another of his crazy tricks, or what.


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