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Crew Pictures

Joey Paglia Circa 1956
Joey Paglia
Circa 1956

350 Shipmates 1956
Jack Ensminger, Roger Reeves
and Bill Montieth Circa 1956

Dogfish in Norfolk
Dogfish in Norfolk 1957

Small Arms Practice
Small Arms Practice

Bruno Deertz fires a Thompson

Chuck Mooney YNC(SS) 1967
Newly Minted YNC(SS)
Chuck Mooney Circa 1967

Decom Crew June 1972
Dogfish Decommissioning
Crew June 1972

QM2 Mike Harman & LCDR Rogerson
QM2(SS) Mike Harmon and

XO Henry Rogerson Circa 1972

Dogfish Emblem 1966 - 72
Dogfish Emblem 1966 - 72

Dogfish Pier-side in New London

12,000 Dive (and Surface) Cake
Awaiting Consumption

XO L.P. Cheshire, CO Shannon Heyward
& COB Wayne Thalasinos Circa 1972

Entering San Juan 1963

Entering San Juan 1963

Dogfish at UDT Pier
St. Thomas, VI 1963

Dogfish at UDT Pier
St. Thomas, VI 1963

Dogfish at UDT Pier
St. Thomas, VI 1963


Dogfish Model with
Guppy II (Aluminum) Sail

Circa pre 1966


Dogfish Model with
Northern (Fiberglass) Sail
Circa post 1966

TM3(SS) George Moon

EN3(SS) Jerry West

EMFN(SS) Jerry "Lump" O'Hearn

Red Barber with Guitar

Harold "Nick" Nicholson's
New Sweetheart

Billy Powers, Claude Lamanque &
Pat Bresland

Bresland, Moon, Gant, J. Nisbet,
Robinson, Nicholson,
Hall, Dymtro & Powers

TM3(SS) Harold "Nick" Nicholson

El Moro Castle
San Juan, PR

1965 Londonderry, Ireland
Jerry O'Hearn returns from liberty
with a shipmate's assistance

Up River and Almost Home

Lamanque Floods Down
a FTR Tube

The "Big House"
in Portsmouth, NH

Narra Bay Op Area

Looking Aft From the
Northern Sail

Hard at Work
on the Floating Dry Dock

Robert Hartwell Listening for
Bad Guys in the Sonar Shack

Heading Home

Eddie Jones In Maneuvering

Inspecting the Screws,
Strut Bearings & Rudder

Nicholson Manning the Stern Planes

Hey, look what we found!

Sonar Chin Mount

QMC(SS) Frank Trussell with Trophies

COB Brasel, Nicholson,
Samuelson & Trussell

US Coast Guard Academy

USS Dace SSN 607 &
USS Tinosa SSN 606 in New London

Stern View at Pier 6
New London

TM1(SS) Richard "Tank" Younger

Dogfish Drill Team Practicing

Moored next to USS Irex SS482
in Bermuda Circa 1965

Fueling in Bermuda
Circa 1965

Evidence of a Bad Landing

Those New London piers
took a beating!

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