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Crew Pictures

USS Jallao SS 368

TM3(SS) Claude Lamanque

HM1(SS) "Doc" Ford

Entering Bermuda
Circa 1967

Lt Lentz Supervises
Torpedo Loading in NL

Untangling Heliocopter Sonar
Cable from bow planes

Loading a MK 37
with cold hands

A slippery deck topside
Torpedo Loading in NL
A cold winter day adjacent to
the USS Tusk SS 426

Cold weather
torpedo loading

USS Jallao SS 368
in New London, CT

Anyone for "Blow and Go?"
or "Ho, Ho, Ho?"

A MK 37 Torpedo swings
into place for loading

USS Sailfish SSR 572
New London, CT

Navigator's Chart Table
In Conning Tower

Conning Tower Helm

Helmsman's View of the
Upper Conning Tower Hatch

Looking aft in Conn
Periscopes Lowered

After Torpedo Room

Mike Stuffle & Claude Lamanque
hold field day in the ATR

MK 16 and MK 37 "Fish"

TM2(SS) Mike Stuffle
In the ATR

Glenn Pike, Red Barber & Bob Padilla
Installing new supply fan motor in the FER

Air Manifolds in Control Room
Looking Forward

Dutch Rolaf and Bernie Blonski
Control Room

USS Dogfish Brow Canvas
Circa 1966

Roosevelt Roads Naval Station
Puerto Rico

SK2(SS) Jim Wilkins
Above his office in #7 MBT

George Moon, Dutch Rolaf,
Jim Gant & Jerry West

Entering Halifax, NS

Jim Gant demonstrates his
heaving line technique

FT3(SS) Foster
on keel blocks

Rolaf, Moon, Ayres, Gant
& West

Heading Out to Sea

MM2(SS) Howard "Greek" Dmytro

QM Sammy Tetter and
topside watch Billy Powers

Almost Home

Jones, Nicholson & Wilkins
in Maneuvering Room

Nicholson works on FTR
Torpedo Tube

"Permission to come up?"

Looking down-river from
the floating dry dock

FTR Escape Trunk Upper Hatch
and Unidentified Doggie

USS Lake County LST-880, USS Kittiwake
ASR-13, USS Dogfish, USS Tigrone and
USS Cubera in St. Thomas, VI 1953

Frank Rohn IC2(SS) and USS Grenadier
POW Survivor Johnnie Johnson EMC(SS)
1953 in St. Thomas, VI

USS Kittiwake ASR-13,
USS Cubera SS 347 and USS Dogfish
1953 in St. THomas, VI

Bill Baske & Cecil Johnson
Circa 1961

Controllerman Bob Mahon instructs
younger brother Doug in Maneuvering

Dick "Blackie" Bartsch RM1(SS) & Jacobson ET2(SS)

Eugene Nagel

Dogfish 10 Grand Dive Celebration

Pat Importuna & Ding Alberto

Bob Mahon & Friend
Londonderry Ireland 1965

Quarters for Muster
Circa 1965

P.K. (Pappy) Reid ENC(SS)
Circa 1955

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